Wifi FAQ's

Answers to common questions about Wifi Splash and Wifi hardware installation.


Can I use my existing wifi harware?

If you already provide free wifi at your establishment chances are you won't have to replace all of your hardware. You will likely continue to use your exisiting aerials/radios. We recommmend upgrading your router to MikroTik, but if you have a pre-existing Cisco Meraki access point, or 4ipnet hotspot router* you can use your exising hardware immediatley. *NB. 4ipnet routers have limited funtionality.

Can I schedule my ads/campaigns?

Yes. You can scedule campaigns by time or day (eg. Promote breakfst specials in the morning and dinner specials in the afternoon), or you can have a campaign automatically start and stop, falling back to the default afterwards.

Can I see how many people are using my wifi?

Yes. As well as weekly summaries delivered to your inbox, you also have 24/7 access to live data and reporting. If you are an existing customer, simply click the login button above.

I have multiple locations, can I display different ads at each location?

Yes. You can display a different ads/campaigns per location or the same one. You can even have different campaigns at the same location via a different SSID's.

Do you support multiple timezones?

Yes. Every device has it's own timezone. So you can have devices in New Zealand and Victoria (for example) and use local time for reporting and scheduling.

Can I see which ads people clicked on?

Yes. All ad views are logged and this information is included in your weekly email summary and in more detail via the Dashboard.

How do I find my local installer?

For installations or enquiries in New Zeland please contact Wholehouse Systems. For installations or enquiries in Australia please contact Original IT. Anyone outside of New Zealand and Australia please contact us.

How much is my investment?

Investment varies from site to site. But it's probably much cheaper than you think. Ongoing running costs are very low, and (if you need it) the hardware is a very reasonable one-off investment with options to choose from.

IT Professionals

What is the minimum suported version of RouterOS?

Wifi Splash is tested and stable on 5.26+ There is no reason why it would not work on older versions. If you are running Wifi Splash on a earlier version of RouterOS, please let us know.

Can I use another router instead of the MikroTik?

As well as MikroTik, which is highly recommended, we also support Cisco Meraki cloud managed access points and 4ipnet hotspot routers.

How do I configure my MikroTik for use with Wifi Splash?

Configuration of the MikroTik hotspot to use Wifi Splash is relativley easy. Contact us for detailed instructions.

Partnership enquiries

How do I become a Wifi Splash reseller?

If you are a Wifi Installer and would like to offer Wifi Splash as part of your installation package or as an upsell, get in touch for details on getting involved.

What are my responsibilities as a Wifi Splash partner?

You are responsible for hardware installation and configuration. You will maintain your installation on-site and will be able to repspond to site issues in a timely manner. We look after the service itself (which is cloud hosted), so you don't need to worry about anything off-site.

Existing customers

How do I login?

Login to your dashboard by clicking 'Login' on the top right of your screen. If you do not have a username and password yet, please contact your installer.

How do I see how many people are using my Wifi?

Login to your dashboard. The first thing you see is a graph of views (past 30 days). Below that is a feed of the activity that is happening now. For more detailed analysis you can click reports on the main navigation and then choose which campaign you want to see data for. It will download in CSV format.

How do I change the access code?

To change your access code please contact your installer. We recommend that you change your access code every 1 to 4 months.

How do I know which campaign is showing?

On the first page of your dashboard, below the big graph is a heading "Active Campaigns". Shown below is each device and it's active campaign (or campaigns if on a schedule).

How do I export a report of activity?

Choose 'Reporting' from the main navigation. There you can select which campaign you want to export in CSV format.